About CKX

CKX is a social change agency that aspires to make shift happen in the pursuit of just futures — fundamental and healing change that challenges longstanding and entrenched paradigms.

We call ourselves a social change agency because we leverage our unique strengths, experiences and privileges to serve the people and communities leading the way and embodying these just futures. This is a shift we have engaged in since late 2018. We embarked on a journey to root our work in critical reflection, reflective practices, intersectional feminism and social and environmental justice. We realized our contribution can and must be:

Seeding and nurturing more intentional spaces and resources for those leading the way to bring more just futures into being.

Influencing existing systems and institutions to engage in shifts with us, collaborating with aligned teams and amplifying the people and institutions leading the way.

This is our theory of change. Not just our theory of how change happens, but our best understanding of where we are positioned to contribute to transformative change.

We undertake this work with humility and care. We engage in an ongoing process to better understand our own complicity in the systems we seek to shift and continue our efforts to decolonize ourselves and our approach. We do this with gratitude to the people, communities and movements that are showing the way and bringing just futures into being.


In 2013, the Community Knowledge Exchange was an idea on a whiteboard. After operating as an initiative of Community Foundations of Canada for nearly four years, CKX and the Carold Institute, a charity with a 30-year legacy of championing adult education and democratic participation in Canada, came together.

Guided by principles rooted in the social justice movements they worked in, the Carold Institute sought opportunities for collaboration rather than closure as they approached the limits of their financial resources. Because of our shared audacity to do things differently, a renewed Carold Institute now serves as the conduit through which we advance our pursuit to make shift happen.