Our Approach

In 2017, two legacies came together:


Beginning in 2013, CKX operated as an initiative of Community Foundations of Canada (CFC) with a manifesto to spark fundamental shifts in how we build and share knowledge in the pursuit of social change.

The Carold Institute for the Advancement of Citizenship in Social Change was stablished in 1989 with a mission to involve citizens more deeply in social change and to further the understanding of voluntary action and voluntary organizations in Canada.


These two legacies combined to give life to a social change agency committed to living the just world we strive for.


By January 2018, CKX was reborn.


As a social change agency, our approach is to lead with love and work with shift disturbers to live in symbiotic relationship with the Earth and each other.

We invest in people and communities who are (re)centering knowledge, values, ways of being and ways of working together that accelerate a collective transformation to the just and equitable world we envision.

We live our values.

Everyday, we strive to practice them in our:

And this may be the most important element to understand — that what we practice at the small scale sets the patterns for the whole system.
— adrienne maree brown, Emergent Strategies (2017)

Our daily agency

As a collective of individuals, we engage the whole person in our work — we use our heads, our hearts, our hands and our souls in our way of working and being together. We celebrate and honour diversity and we embrace the defining complexity of our times and the beautiful complexity of our interdependence with each other and the earth.

We are a learning organization and team that recognizes our accountability to community.

We put our privileges to work to live and learn

  • How we decolonize our work?

  • How we lead fully with love?

  • How we intentionally create, hold and cede space for justice, challenge the

  • How we transform ourselves to transform the world*

We train ourselves in the reflective practices, place-based learning and deep knowledge exchange that we facilitate in our work. We document and tell stories of our own experience of this approach in our fieldnotes.  


"The only way to survive is by taking care of one another."

— Grace Lee Boggs, Democracy Now interview, 2010