Arpi Hamalian Fund.png

The Arpi Hamalian Fund supports efforts to make activities and programs organized by CKX accessible to people whose voices, lived experience and contributions are often pushed to the margins.

This is an important step in our efforts to embody the just world we strive for.

The Fund honours Arpi Hamalian, an advocate, ally and lifelong champion of adult education and citizen participation in civil society. One of Arpi's top priorities is to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to bring their life experience to the dialogue.

…She knew exactly how much help I needed to succeed. It seems like such a simple thing but it truly is a gift. Many teachers have great difficulty finding the right balance between overly helping their students and not helping them enough. I can tell you firsthand that Dr. Hamalian is able to negotiate that fine line better than any teacher that I have known.
— Dr. Imtiaz Khan MDCM
A profound gratitude for all Arpi’s work and contribution to adult education. More specifically, she is an inspiration for the bridges she has built between the anglophone and francophone adult education communities in Quebec.
— Daniel Baril
...There is a special kind of awe for the way [Arpi] says things so the less visible voices, ideas, and realities are heard and held such that there is more justice, more participation, more connection in the world.
— Vanessa Reid