Are You a Supportive Shift Disturber?

As CKX sets to launch a set of exciting new program offerings in 2019, we are looking to grow our Board of Directors. We’re looking for bold thinkers and doers that can bring unique perspectives and insights to a thoughtful and committed governance space, learning and growing with our team as we continue to advance our vision.


Our Vision

As a social change agency, we embolden shift disturbers with opportunities for reflective practice, place-based learning and deep knowledge exchange to spark fundamental shifts in our society. It is through these opportunities that we can help deepen fundamental and healing change in society and challenge longstanding and entrenched paradigms.

Our Agency Model

CKX is a social change agency - a collective, working together to leverage our unique strengths as individuals, as partners and as community members. We engage the whole person in our work, celebrate and honour diversity, and embrace complexity. We are a learning organization and team that recognizes our accountability to community.

Our Offerings

An overview of CKX’s current program offerings can be found here.

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Our Team

CKX’s leadership team is Lee Rose (Managing Director), Kelsey Spitz-Dietrich (Reflective Practices Director) and Alexander Dirksen (Program Director), with additional program and facilitation supports brought in as required to deliver our offerings. The agency is looking to expand in 2019 to include administrative/storytelling support and two facilitators for the CKX cohort experience, set to launch in the second half of the year.

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Our Board

The current Board of Directors consists of Tatiana Fraser (Board Chair), Cheryl Rose (Board Director) and Sameer Vasta (Board Director). The CKX Board is a governance board, providing guidance and counsel on agency development and long-term strategic planning.

* Bios of our team and board can be found here.