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The Carold Institute's publications considered pressing questions about democracy, citizenship and globalization, volunteerism, and more. 

Staying true, staying the course (2009)

Michael Clague, Leslie Kemp and Juliet Huntly provide lessons from 10 successful community service organizations in British Columbia from 1997-2008.

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building local and global democracy (2007)

Can democracy be renewed? How can it become truly participatory and open to all citizens?

Building Local and Global Democracy describes the causes of the recent democratic deficit, and local and global efforts to counter it.

Examining governance among indigenous people in British Columbia, the barriers to democratic participation experienced by women of colour in Toronto, participatory budgeting in a Brazilian city, and more, Building Local and Global Democracy shows how local and global realities affect citizen engagement in their democracies.

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Citizenship and Globalization: Exploring Participation and Democracy in a Global Context (2002)

Citizenship and Globalization summarizes a 2002 Carold symposium on the democratic worldviews of social movements, and how they drive positive change.

It also summarizes the remarks of the event’s four speakers: John Foster of the North South Institute on human rights; Lorraine Guay of the World March of Women on women; Elizabeth May of the Sierra Club of Canada on the environment; and Nancy Neamtan of le Chantier de l’economie social on the social economy.

Want to dive deeper? Read the four background papers from the speakers:

  • “The World March of Women: A Political Action to Transform the World” by Lorraine Guay

  • “Human Rights” by John W. Foster

  • “Citizenship and Globalization: Exploring Participation and Democracy in a Global Context” by Elizabeth May

  • “The Social and Solidarity Economy: Towards an ‘Alternative’ Globalisation” by Nancy Neamtan

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Voluntary Action and Organization in Canada: The Last Decade and Beyond (1999)

The 1990’s were a time of political and societal change in Canada, with government cutbacks and more demands on health, social service and community agencies.

Voluntary Action and Organization in Canada compiles reflections from nonprofit sector leaders on how the sector can remain vibrant and continue to contribute to Canada’s civil society.

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