Carold Institute - Reflections

We have created a legacy, a fellowship to be proud of; may it continue to flourish. 

- Nigel Martin, former Carold Institute Board Member 


Carold initiated conversations on dozens of issues that impact our understanding and practice of democracy and citizenship in Canada today – resource extraction in first nations communities, security and civil society, participatory democracy, innovation in social movements in Quebec, human rights and citizenship, emerging trends in voluntary action and more, the interface between big data and civil society. An impressive agenda for a little foundation with no staff and no office.

- Michael Cooke, former Carold Institute President, Vice President and Treasurer



Carold really is an amazing organization, doing what it can to improve civil society in Canada and around the world. It was a privilege to be a part of it.

- Amir Hussain, Carold Board Member, 2007-2013

clare clark's leadership

[Clare Clark] had a way of popping up everywhere, which really drew me closer: she was a leader in an era where women of her social class mostly held teas and garden parties.

- Leona English


Carold has been a true place of reflection, exploration and social change. It has indeed been a small organization, shaped by ideas and the enthusiasm of its board members. Unfettered by a rigid structure, and limited really only by the amount of energy, time, and ideas one could bring to the table.

- Lois Ross, Carold Board Member, 2010-2017



The Carold Institute seems to me to the most “ego-less" organization I have ever experienced. I think that may be what has allowed it to inspire and enable creativity and commitment among so many in such different parts of our country.

- Derek G. Evans, CEO of CUSO International, 2008-2015

the common good

With the Carold Institute, I have seen a dedicated, thoughtful group of people take full control of a little bit of power and use it for the common good.

- D'Arcy Martin