Beginning in 2013, CKX operated as an initiative of Community Foundations of Canada (CFC). CFC provided staff, relationships and networks, and along with the Ontario Trillium Foundation, financial resources to nurture the emerging CKX platform.

At CFC, CKX's work was guided by a spirit of experimentation and doing. As it brought together other experimenters and doers, CKX realized the power of convening people across systems to learn together.

In 2014, more than 400 people from across Canada gathered in Toronto for an event unlike any other before or since: the CKX Summit. A three-day gathering for the exchange of ideas. Hungry to share community knowledge — our stories, data, experiences, failures, successes — people from across every sector converged at the summit to explore how to bring this knowledge to the table to improve our communities. CKX would come to call these people shift disturbers.

With CFC's support, CKX followed the success of the CKX Summit by bringing together foundations to launch a fellowship program. And in 2016, CKX took the best elements of the 2014 summit on the road with the CKX City Series. These events brought together shift disturbers from the public, private and philanthropic sectors in Halifax, Montreal and Vancouver.

In 2017, CFC took the generous and bold step of letting CKX spread its wings in a unique collaboration with the Carold Institute.

Today, CKX operates as an independent social change agency, building and sharing knowledge in the pursuit of social change. We continue to bring shift disturbers together with our signature gatherings and fellowships.