CKX Cohort Experience

Emboldening shift disturbers deepening fundamental and healing change in society and challenging longstanding and entrenched paradigms.


In 2019, we are excited to launch a nine-month cohort-based leadership experience that will embolden shift disturbers with opportunities for:

  • deep knowledge exchange — based on each other’s lived experiences, influences, stories and inspirations

  • experiential learning —  through place-based gatherings

  • reflective practices — to deepen, process, challenge and celebrate their experiences

Our inaugural set of interconnected and intergenerational cohorts will be:

Cohort + Alone.png

The inaugural cohort + will focus on recentering BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) leadership.

Cohort + will welcome 6 Vancouver-based practitioners, who will be invited to participate in and shape the experience together.

Cohort x Alone.png

The inaugural cohort x will focus on nurturing transformative action at the faultlines of our systems.

Cohort x will welcome 6 practitioners from multiple locations, who will be invited to participate in and shape the experience together.


cohort x 2019 will focus on nurturing transformative action at the intersection of two major fault lines — climate change and entrenched gender inequity.


While each cohort journey will be unique, the two cohorts will be symbiotic, rooted in shared values, opportunities and spaces for collective reflection and learning.

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Each cohort will consist of six practitioners who will each commit one fifth of their time (approximately one day a week) to the experience over the course of nine months.

Embraced by a circle of facilitators and mentors, each cohort experience will include:

six in-person gatherings

with each cohort practitioners selecting a place meaningful to them, their community and their work, where they want to host and/or share an experience with their cohort

weekly cohort gatherings

for facilitated reflective practices and deep peer knowledge exchange (in-person or online)

space for diverse reflective practices

opportunities to learn, workshop or train desired practices, deepen existing practices or explore new practices

Access to a circle of knowledge holders

along the journey as mentors, wise counsel, provocateurs and supports

sharing insights, learning and growth

from the experience through a practitioner’s medium of choice


We have committed to the following foundational principles as we breathe life into the CKX cohort experience:

Unlearning and relearning

We acknowledge the ways existing paradigms of power manifest in our daily lives.


Our steps must be relational and interdependent, adaptive and iterative, intentional and aware.


Our aim is to embody and action shifts in the status quo.

Capacity for all

Practitioners are invited to bring their dynamic whole self, their teams and their communities into the experience.

We do not engage for personal enlightenment…

…but to bring to life the futures we seek — futures where we live in symbiotic relationship with each other and the Earth.


In this inaugural year of the cohort experience, we recognize it is a time for humble, generative learning about the experience itself and its relationship to community.

Participation in the inaugural cohorts is by invitation because designing an intake and selection process with integrity, equity and impact requires:

  • insights about the lived and learned experience of the programme

  • deep and critical input from wise counsel

  • insights from the bold and brave shift disturbers undertaking this inaugural experience

The inaugural cohorts will co-create the application and selection process for subsequent cohorts, as well as influence, adapt and grow the program.

We recognize this puts the responsibility of selecting with integrity to our values on us.

To support this, the inaugural cohorts will be curated around the following guiding principles:

Cohort selection 'criteria'.png

We are seeking insight from wise counsel and shift disturbers to ensure the inaugural cohorts are a collective of voices who will help us truly live our values as we shape, refine and iterate the program.

To express interest in being a cohort practitioner this inaugural year, ask a question or share a reflection, please email Reflective Practice Director Kelsey Spitz-Dietrich at

  • a team of cohort facilitators will host the unique path of each cohort experience and the collective learning across and between the cohorts

  • cohort practitioners will be compensated with $15,000 for one-fifth of their time over nine-months

  • associated travel, convening and workshop costs will be covered

  • additional resources will be available through the Arpi Hamalian Fund to remove barriers or burdens which would limit the full participation and presence of a cohort practitioner;

  • mentors and wise council will be compensated and honoured for their time.

To explore partnering with us in resourcing and supporting the inaugural cohorts, kindly write to Reflective Practice Director Kelsey Spitz-Dietrich at


Become a cohort facilitator.

Applications open soon for people who can bring their whole self, bold action and deep reflection to the role. Join our mailing list to learn when applications are open.

  • individual and community enrichment — practitioners and their communities are nourished in their personal and collective journeys to embody the just futures they seek; they have the time and space to deeply explore recentering wisdom, relationships and ways of being that accelerate a transformation to living in symbiotic and respectful relationship

  • shift happens — practitioners (in the cohorts and beyond) take action to amplify insights, re/learning, affirmations, and stories from the collective cohort experience and apply them in their lives and work

  • CKX evolves — to embody what we learn, experience and bear witness to in our model and approach


A Note of Acknowledgement

In setting forth our intentions for this cohort experience, rooted in the values we hold as an agency and in those approaches at the heart of our practice, we recognize that we are but one voice in a growing movement approaching social change work in this way. We further recognize that this approach to social change work is not new, but rooted in a rich history and rich present.

We owe a debt of gratitude to the people and influences informing the development of this cohort experience.  We recognize and celebrate those working to advance visions for just and equitable futures. Our intention is to foster more — more of the spaces and approaches that will help us achieve the futures we seek.

Because we strive to put our platform, power and privileges to work, living our values…

  • To recentre voices pushed to the margins,  particularly Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC), cis and trans women, and LGBTQ2S peoples.

  • To invest in people (re)discovering how we recenter knowledge, values, ways of being and ways of working together that accelerate a transformation to living in symbiotic and respectful relationships.

  • To transcend and transform systems that entrench of our most complex problems.

  • To help to illuminate paths forward to more just and equitable futures.

We are not alone in this pursuit.

Actually, we are a bit late to the journey. But we wish to be a vehicle for more spaces and approaches that will manifest the futures — and the present — we seek.


Our relationships with each other and with the earth are violently off-balance — a reality we grapple with on a daily basis.

We face the precipice of climate change, deepening inequity and socioeconomic volatility. We see the weaknesses and fractures in the defining systems of our era.

We face intensifying and mainstreaming expressions of white nationalism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, bigotry and racism. We see the ferocious death throes of deeply entrenched, yet self-destructing systems.

And yet, we see possibility* radiating from people, families, organizations and companies, communities and movements trying to live a different present and future, to rebalance our relationships and to root society in a worldview that sees us moving forward together in right relationship.

This vision of possibility is nothing short of a societal transformation that demands the embodiment of different, remembered and reclaimed ways of working together. We must continue to jointly and urgently walk together the path towards our desired future.

There is no single solution that will bring that future into being, but we recognize our responsibility as a social change agency to be committed actors on this journey of transformative change.

The CKX Cohort Experience will invest in people re/discovering how we can embody the just world we strive for and recenter wisdom, connection and ways of being that accelerate a transformation to living in symbiotic and respectful relationship with each other and the earth.

*This framing is inspired by the work of adrienne maree brown, whose powerful words and teachings [as most recently captured within Emergent Strategy (2017)] have deeply influenced how we approached the design of this experience.