CKX Design + Facilitation

We are but one voice in a growing movement of those working toward just futures. CKX Design + Facilitation projects provide opportunities to engage with fellow shift disturbers on initiatives that advance this shared pursuit.


Supporting values-aligned partners to develop, animate or deliver projects, programs or gatherings.


CKX is available for design and facilitation opportunities. Contact us to partner with us or inquire about associate opportunities.


Featured Projects

Lawson Foundation Youth & Environment Cohort

Status: Ongoing
Type: Process Facilitation

Designing and animating an immersive learning journey with virtual and in-person gatherings for a cohort of participants and partners from ten youth-led environmental and climate action projects across the country.


Impact Hub Global Gatherings

Status: Ongoing
Type: Gathering Facilitation

Supporting the Global Impact Hub Network with the design and hosting of annual strategy gatherings that explore how Impact Hubs can work together to support social change locally and globally. This work began in 2018 in Ottawa (Canada), continued in Florianopolis (Brazil) in 2019 and heads to Lisbon (Portugal) in 2020.


Indigenous Innovation Ecosystem Gathering

Status: Complete
Type: Gathering Co-Facilitation

The Indigenous Innovation Ecosystem Gathering was a McConnell Foundation retreat on Wasan Island in June 2018 blending Indigenous and non-Indigenous forms of knowledge to establish a deeper understanding of Indigenous innovation in Canada.