New Arpi Hamalian Fund centres voices, lived experience and contributions that are often pushed to the margins

  • fund recognizes and celebrates Arpi’s life-long and continued contributions to adult education and citizen participation

  • $35,000 has been raised to date in donations and matching contributions from CKX

  • Celebration and launch event will take place in Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal on November 22, 2018

As a social change agency, we embolden shift disturbers with opportunities for reflective practice, deep learning and knowledge exchange. It is through these opportunities that we believe we can help spark fundamental shifts in society, challenging longstanding and entrenched systems. We lead with love and work with shift disturbers to live in symbiotic relationship with the Earth and each other.

This transformative work demands transformative questions — and an exploration of how to embody different, remembered and reclaimed ways of working together.

We are asking ourselves: How do we decolonize our work? How do we lead fully with love? How can we intentionally create, hold and cede space to centre voices from the margins?

We recognize the paradigms currently pushing the voices of BIPOC, women-identified, LGBTQ2S people to margins. By emphasizing relational leadership and embodying the just world we strive for, we aim to push back against those paradigms.

We also recognize that barriers must be removed to do this well. To that end, we are thrilled to announce the creation of the Arpi Hamalian Fund, which will support efforts to make activities and programs organized by CKX accessible to people whose voices, lived experience and contributions are often pushed to the margins.

The Arpi Hamalian Fund

Arpi Hamalian

Arpi Hamalian

The Fund honours Arpi Hamalian, an advocate, ally and lifelong champion of adult education and citizen participation in civil society.

One of Arpi's top priorities is to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to bring their life experience to the dialogue. An academic leader in adult education at Concordia University since 1974, Arpi has received numerous accolades from her students and colleagues for her contributions as an educator, practitioner, scholar and champion of lifelong learning. Beyond the academy, Arpi has also made significant community contributions in the pursuit of social change. This includes her work as President of the Thérèse F. Casgrain Foundation, with criminalized women in transition houses through the Elizabeth Fry Society, serving as Chair of the Sectoral Commission-Education, of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, contributing to several UNESCO committees to protect intangible heritage and Indigenous languages, and negotiating the creation of biosphere reserves in Quebec. As Executive and President of the Federation of Quebec University Professors, she strove to deepen and advance the democratization process of higher education in Quebec and guarantee accessibility for all.

Arpi also sat on the board and served as chair of the Carold Institute, which integrated with CKX in 2017. Under the leadership of former board chair Michael Cooke, her fellow Carold Institute colleagues recognized this milestone and transition as a unique opportunity to honour Arpi, which culminated in the creation of this fund.

CKX matched contributions to seed the Fund

CKX matched contributions to seed the fund up to $15,000, bringing the total raised so far to $35,000. As CKX continues to emphasize the importance of relational leadership and embodying the just world we strive for, the work of the Fund will remain vitally important. We hope to raise a total of $50,000 for the Fund in its first year.

Join us for a reception and launch event on November 22, 2018 in Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal

We’d like to invite you to join us for a reception honouring Arpi and officially launching the Fund in Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal on November 22nd. This will be an opportunity to learn more about the Fund and to celebrate Arpi’s many and continuing contributions. We’ll also share more about new programs that reflect our ongoing commitment to decolonization, equity and social justice.

Event Details

Date & Time: Thursday, November 22, 2018 (5 to 7 pm)

Location: Concordia ArtHive (1515 Ste. Catherine West - EV5.777)

ArtHive is an accessible space and seating will be available. The reception will include complimentary nibbles from Les Filles Fattoush - a social enterprise working with women who have recently arrived to Canada as refugees from Syria. Wine and nonalcoholic beverages will also be served.

Arpi has proven to be an important voice for adult education, inclusion and experiential learning. I wish this initiative the very best as it provides bursaries to participants from under-represented groups.

What an excellent initiative it is to create the Arpi Hamalian Fund in honour Arpi’s lifelong contribution to adult education and citizen participation in civil society. She is a truly outstanding person and exceptionnally committed scholar.

Arpi has worked relentlessly with integrity, dedication, patience, commitment and care to advance her cause for adult education. She has been instrumental in transforming the lives of underrepresented and marginalized groups by supporting their professional growth and success across a wide array of activities: networking, publishing, conferencing and teaching. This new Arpi Hamalian Fund is an amazing initiative that will keep advancing her cause for generations to come.