CKX and Samara Canada Partner to Empower Emerging Leaders in Democracy


CKX and Samara Canada are partnering to empower emerging leaders who are building a strong, responsive and inclusive democracy in Canada.

Only democracy has the potential to deliver fair, efficient, and universal solutions to Canada’s—and the world’s—greatest problems. But democracy needs bold, diverse leadership and engagement from Canadians to succeed.

Therefore, what would it take to spark a fundamental shift in how Canadians engage with their democracy? Why is promoting and valuing democracy important? How do we create and foster opportunities for emerging leaders who are driving change in this space to learn, develop and flourish?

These are just some of the questions that CKX and Samara Canada will explore together as we seek to better understand how we can support emerging leaders who are building a strong, responsive and inclusive democracy in Canada.

Why are we coming together to do this?

As a cause-driven and issue-agnostic social change platform, CKX has always worked with others to deliver on our manifesto of sparking fundamental shifts in how we build and share knowledge in the pursuit of social change. While we’re not a democracy shop, this collaboration with Samara Canada gives us an opportunity to work with Canada’s most trusted, non-partisan champion of democracy and increased civic engagement to do just that.

While we know that much of the focus of social change work is action-oriented and results-driven, our collaboration will assert the value and importance of creating and holding space for reflection, deep learning and knowledge exchange to inform and enlighten that change and those who are driving it.

So what will this collaboration entail?

Over the next few months we’ll be working on projects that will help us get a better sense of how we can provide emerging leaders in democracy with more opportunities to develop, learn and flourish. This will include bringing emerging leaders together to celebrate their contributions, share experiences and learn from each other, as well as capturing stories of impact and lessons learned from practitioners in the field. We plan on sharing updates throughout this process right here on the CKX Blog and on Samara’s social media.

This collaboration is the first to be announced by CKX since our evolution from a hosted project of Community Foundations of Canada into an independent social change platform, which itself was the result of an imaginative partnership with the Carold Institute. You can read more about that announcement and a preview of what the future holds for CKX here.

We’ll be sharing more in the coming weeks about this evolution, including this sharpened focus on supporting people (aka shift disturbers) who are driving social change with opportunities for reflective practice, deep learning and knowledge exchange.

We’re delighted to be taking those first steps into the future with our friends at Samara Canada.



PS – Do you know an Everyday Political Citizen? Samara Canada’s Everyday Political Citizen contest celebrates Canada’s advocates, educators, organizers, mobilizers, volunteers and politicos whose work gives life and energy to our democracy. Nominations for this year’s contest are open until end of day on October 19th.

Lee Rose