Our Approach

We support shift disturbers to spark fundamental shifts for social change through reflective practice, deep learning and knowledge exchange.

We embed this approach in our fellowshipshosting and facilitation, and signature gatherings.


Reflective practice is the the lifeblood for learning by doing. It sparks us to see with new perspective. It helps us discover our interdependence. It creates space for our continuous learning.

Reflective practice demands courageous action through engaged dialogue with ourselves, others and the systems around us.

Through reflective practice, we become reflexive and begin to see our biases, responsibilities and unique gifts to offer in our pursuit of social change.

At CKX, our approach grounds us in the same principles of exchange, reflection, deep listening and continuous learning that we nurture with shift disturbers.

Learning is being, becoming and belonging.

J. Roby Kidd, Adult Educator




CKX weaves reflective practice into independent fellowship and cohort-based fellowships that embolden fellows with compassion, humility, systems thinking and an acknowledgement of common humanity.

We are currently developing our cohort-based fellowship model. If you're interested in this practice, contact Kelsey Spitz-Dietrich

For me, it was like a liberation.

Alexa Conradi, 2017 Alan Thomas Fellow, on her fellowship.


Hosting & Facilitation

We work with organizations and initiatives to embed reflective practice, knowledge exchange and deep learning in their events, gatherings and processes. 

From agenda design and program development to hosting and facilitation, we support organizations in creating spaces for fundamental shifts in the pursuit of social change. Learn more about our current and past hosting and facilitation projects.

To inquire about our hosting and facilitation practice, contact Lee Rose.





CKX is a learning agency. We host signature gatherings and events to nurture our continuous learning and advance the case for reflective practice in the pursuit of social change.

By curating unique spaces for coming together, we ground ourselves in learning as being, becoming and belonging. 

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