Our Origin Stories

In 2013, the Community Knowledge Exchange was an idea on a whiteboard.

Since then — through events, fellowships and curated experiences — we’ve created space for hundreds of shift disturbers to exchange and reflect, sparking fundamental shifts in how they pursue social change.

After operating as an initiative of Community Foundations of Canada for nearly four years, CKX and the Carold Institute, a charity with a 30-year legacy of championing adult education and democratic participation in Canada, recognized a unique opportunity to undergo fundamental shifts of our own.

Guided by principles rooted in the social justice movements they worked within, the Carold Institute operated with openness and nimbleness. In that spirit, as they approached the limits of their financial resources, the Carold Institute sought opportunities for collaboration rather than closure.

In 2017, Carold and CKX put all the pieces on the table. Financial assets. Organizational histories. Intellectual capital. Relationships. Big ideas. Aligned visions of the futures we hope to help bring to life.

The result? A new kind of social change agency.

Because of our shared audacity to do things differently, today, a renewed Carold Institute is the conduit through which CKX advances its pursuit.