Our Pursuit

We are a social change agency.

We are a collective, working together to leverage our unique strengths as individuals, as partners and as community members.

We lead with love and work with shift disturbers to live in symbiotic relationship with the Earth and each other.

Our approach

We embolden shift disturbers with opportunities for reflective practices, place-based learning and deep knowledge exchange to spark fundamental shifts in our society.

It is through these opportunities that we can help deepen fundamental and healing change in society and challenge longstanding and entrenched paradigms.

Shift Disturbers?

Transformative change happens when bold people dare to imagine a shift from what is to what could be…when people shift our collective imagination of how we connect to each other and the world around us.

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Transformative change demands transformative questions…

…and an exploration of how to embody different, remembered and reclaimed ways of working together.

We are asking ourselves:

  • How do we decolonize our work?

  • How do we lead fully with love?

  • How can we intentionally create, hold and cede space to centre voices from the margins?

What do we mean by transformative?

To transcend and transform systems that entrench of our most complex problems. We acknowledge the systemic nature of complex problems and the deeply human possibilities for transforming them.

We recognize the paradigms that push people, their wisdom and their experiences to the margins, particularly for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC), cis and trans women, and LGBTQ2S peoples. We also recognize the importance of respecting intersectionality within these conversations.

By emphasizing relational leadership and embodying the just world we strive for, we aim to push back against those paradigms and help to illuminate paths forward to more just and equitable futures.

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