Our Work

We're all about social change agency.

Driven by our approach, our work is investing in people (re)discovering how they can embody the just world they strive for.

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CKX Cohort Experience

Our cohort-based leadership experience emboldening shift disturbers working daily to deepen fundamental and healing change in society and challenge longstanding and entrenched paradigms.


CKX Questions

A community-focused public platform for dialogue, reflection and action on themes and ideas central to transformative change.


Social Change Projects

Our work with values-aligned partners on the foundations, development, implementation and animation of their projects, programs or gatherings.

Arpi Hamalian Fund

The Arpi Hamalian Fund supports efforts to make activities and programs organized by CKX accessible to people whose voices, lived experience and contributions are often pushed to the margins.


CKX Philanthropy Fellowship

In partnership with Philanthropic Foundations Canada and several funding partners, the CKX Philanthropy Fellowship is a collaborative initiative to bring new perspectives and approaches to philanthropic practice and social change work in Canada.



We want to hear what kind of shift you're considering and how CKX can support you.