Our Work

In our own initiatives and in collaboration with others, we're all about social change agency.

Here are a few examples of how we're pursuing just that....


Ready. Set. Experiment.

When was the last time you took a risk? Across Canada, 32 community-based social change experiments seized an opportunity to experiment (and maybe fail). 

Stronger Democracy Project
Samara Canada

To succeed, democracy needs bold, diverse engagement from Canadians. CKX and Samara Canada are supporting emerging leaders in democracy to develop, learn and flourish.


CKX PhilanthroLAb

What would a community foundation look like if we built it from the ground up? Using design lab principles —including play! — participants at Belong 2017 reimagined the future of community philanthropy.


Interested in Pursuing a fundamental shift of your own?

We want to hear what kind of shift you're considering and how CKX can support you. 


Creating a truly inclusive dialogue means all of us positioning ourselves as learners, rather than as masters downloading our knowledge to others.

Nadia Duguay, in dialogue with possible Canadas