Exploring ideas that shape our work and are transforming our world.  

** Coming IN 2019 **

The questions one asks oneself begin, at least, to illuminate the world, and become one’s key to the experience of others.
— James Baldwin

About the Platform

As the complexity of our world increases, so too does the value of a question thoughtfully posed and meaningfully explored from diverse perspectives. CKX Questions is a platform for dialogue, reflection and action on themes and ideas central to social change. 

  1. Each season will revolve around a question posed by a member of the CKX team. An introductory Fieldnote will explain their personal connection to it, its importance to our work and its value to ongoing social change work.

  2. The start of a resource list will be shared on our website - articles, artwork and interesting voices to follow around the season's theme. This list will grow with input from you as we dive deeper into the selected topic.

  3. The CKX team will host a conversation with its first guest, an equally curious shift disturber who will help to frame the season's question. This conversation (and all conversations over the course of the season) will be recorded and released in podcast form, the inaugural CKX podcast offering.

  4. Over the course of the season, further conversations and Fieldnotes will be released. We are currently exploring ways with which to engage deeply with our listeners over the course of each season, which may include live events and facilitated Q+A sessions with guests.

  5. As the season draws to a close, we will share our key reflections and learnings (and elicit the same from our listeners) and announce the theme of our next season.

Curious? Here's a sneak peek at Season 1... 

How to Get Involved

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  • We are currently looking for organizations interested in supporting the inaugural season of CKX Questions. If you would like to explore partnership opportunities, please reach out to Managing Director Lee Rose.